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Nissan’s Woes Continue with a Drop in Preliminary Operating Profit

Its beleaguered former CEO Carlos Ghosn aside, Nissan is not shaping up to have a great 2019. The Japanese automaker’s sales year ended in...

Connected Cars and Autonomy Will Change the Relationship Between Carmakers and...

As vehicles become increasingly connected, they generate more and more data. While we know marketers would like to get their hands on as much of this information as possible, insurance companies will have a...

Consumers Express Mixed Feelings About Payments Via Connected Car Platforms

We’re changing our ideas about what paying for services means. While most of us are accustomed to paying by credit or debit cards, and we’ve readily embraced PayPal online, we’re more hesitant when it...

Does Audi’s Green Light Optimized Speed Advisory Actually Work?

We’ve all had those days when it seems like every traffic light that we approach is red. We start to wonder if we have a face that makes stoplights change to red. At some...

Toyota Begins Restructuring of Toyota Motor Credit

Toyota Motor Credit, more commonly known as Toyota Financial Services, is making some changes. The company recently announced that it plans to consolidate 29 dealer sales and services offices, three regional management offices and...

Volvo U.S. CEO Warns Vehicle Dealers Jeff Bezos Is Coming for...

At a National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) event collocated with this week’s New York International Auto Show, Anders Gustafsson, CEO of Volvo Car’s U.S., had a message for car dealers: be willing to accept...

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DCG News Exclusive: Boost Sales through Better Call Handling

According to Cox Automotive, phone calls account for 26 percent of car buyers’ initial contacts with auto dealerships, second only to walk-ins (at 49 percent), and those calls can be worth a lot of business.


Dealership Employment and Payroll Rose in 2018, According to NADA

While much of the news regarding car sales has been negative or neutral in recent months, there is one bright spot: employment. According to...

Is Your Dealership Retaining Top Talent?

By Stephanie Licata, M.A., A.C.C. You may wonder why your “best salesperson” left your dealership or why you keep investing in people who don’t stay....

Analytics Help Combat Dealership Fraud and Embezzlement

Has your dealership been a victim of embezzlement or theft? If you’re like more than half of American auto dealerships, you’ve had some theft,...

NHTSA Completes Feasibility Report on Mandatory Tire Identification

In December of 2015, Congress passed the Fixing America's Surface Transportation (FAST) Act. One of the mandates of the FAST Act was the creation...

Illinois Bill Aims to Overturn Sunday Auto Sales Ban for the Sixth Time

If Illinois’ Senate Bill 22 becomes law, the state’s auto dealers might find themselves doing something they’ve never had to do before: work on...

FCA Settles Lawsuit by Dealers Pressured to Submit Fake Sales Numbers

More than three years after it arrived in court, an antitrust lawsuit against Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV’s U.S. unit has come to an end...

New Vehicle Interest Rates to Hit Highest Level in a Decade

The rise in interest rates is squeezing both car buyers, who are finding new vehicles increasingly out of their reach because of high payments,...

DMS Industry Set to Grow Thanks to Technology

Dealer management systems (DMS), which lie at the core of dealership businesses, were once a rather standalone solution. Dealers and sales personnel often had...


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