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Automakers Hold Their Collective Breath in Advance of Auto Tariff Decision or Delay

The automotive manufacturing sector is understandably nervous. Next week (in theory) the White House is due to decide whether it plans to impose expensive...

Facebook Launches New Dealership Sales and Marketing Tools

It’s impossible to talk about selling automobiles in 2019 without discussing Facebook. The social media behemoth, which has nearly 2.4 billion monthly users, isn’t just for posting vacation photos or cat videos. Increasingly, it’s...

Are You Listening to Your Customers?

How Your BDC Can Hurt You by Not Answering Your Customers’ Questions by Brian Brown, COO, Dave Cantin Group Have you ever told a white lie to get a customer into the dealership? You’d hardly be...

Omnichannel Customer Communication in Dealership Sales

Americans are increasingly going online to begin – and sometimes complete – the car buying process. A new study from data company Freckle IoT found that a significant majority, 59 percent, of Americans now...

Dealership Fraud Hotline Lets Employees Report Theft Anonymously

Employee theft in American businesses costs approximately $50 billion per year, and car dealerships are no exception. In some cases, other employees are aware of the theft but fear speaking out in case of...

Toyota and Honda Warn of Missed Earnings Forecasts

News of an escalating trade war with China has done little for the fortunes of automakers, and on Wednesday, both Toyota Motor Corp. and Honda Motor Co. announced that their profit and sales figures...

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DCG News Exclusive: Boost Sales through Better Call Handling

According to Cox Automotive, phone calls account for 26 percent of car buyers’ initial contacts with auto dealerships, second only to walk-ins (at 49 percent), and those calls can be worth a lot of business.


Toyota and Honda Warn of Missed Earnings Forecasts

News of an escalating trade war with China has done little for the fortunes of automakers, and on Wednesday, both Toyota Motor Corp. and...

Google Opens Android Automotive to Third-Party Developers

Google’s Android Automotive open-source mobile operating system will soon be open to some outside developers, according to the company. The goal is to allow...

Ford Launches Revamped App-Based Customer Loyalty Program

Customer loyalty is a concept that increasingly important to business success, and with vehicles, it’s not just about the vehicle purchase or lease every...

New England’s Second Largest Dealer Group Educates Its Own Technicians

The labor shortage of automotive technicians is not easing up: if anything, it’s getting worse. There are approximately 750,000 auto technicians and mechanics in...

Near Record-High New Car Inventories Are Unsettling Many Dealerships

Setting records isn’t always a desirable thing, particularly when it comes to unsold vehicle inventories. At the beginning of April of this year, it’s...

Digital Odometer Fraud is On the Rise, Says Carfax

According to a new study by Carfax, odometer fraud is on the rise. The company is partnering with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration...

April Auto Sales Show an Increasingly Lopsided Market

Who is buying cars in 2019 and who isn’t? A quick look at April’s auto sales provides a clue. At the lower price end...

Why Are EV Sales in the U.S. So Sluggish? It Might Be Psychology

Electric vehicles (EVs) are proving to be runaway successes in some parts of the world. The uptake has been particularly high in northern Europe....


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