Auto News with Dealer Perspective

Cadillac Live Digital Showroom Debuts Across the...

By Mia Bevacqua  Consumers can now explore the Cadillac lineup from the comfort of their own home.  A new digital showroom, called Cadillac Live, launched...

Is Your Dealership Building Loyalty in the Service Drive?

Here are a few strategies from experts in the field who have a wealth of experience on how to win in the service lane and succeed in service management.

Inventory and the Art of Group Mind Reading

By Kathryn Pomroy To the consumer, dealer inventory is very personal. If within a 100-mile radius, a consumer finds a dozen vehicles that somewhat match what they’re looking for, and all but one...

To AI or Not To AI: That Is the Question

According to a 2019 CIO survey by Gartner, AI implementation in businesses tripled in the last four years, with 37% of respondents using or planning to use AI, up from 10% four years ago.


Voices from the Automotive World

Stories From the Field: Does Your Dealership Need A Marketing Director?

By Bruno Lucarelli We all know that dealerships love to outsource.  In the days of newspaper domination, many dealerships relied on local agencies to act...

Stories From the Field: Are Dealers Leveraging the Purchase Funnel?

By Bruno Lucarelli It seems there’s a different version of the purchase funnel for every industry, and rightly so. Business to Business (B2B) is certainly...

The Five Questions of DCG Capital: Question Five

Would you rather spend time running your business or spend it arranging for the financing you need to grow your business? The answer is likely...

Stories From The Field: How Dealers Can Step Up Their Social Media Game

By Bruno Lucarelli There seems to be a disconnect from reality in the automotive advertising world regarding social media. Agencies have somehow convinced dealers that...

The Five Questions of DCG Capital: Question Four

Is your bank giving you the absolute best rates? Unless you are constantly comparison shopping interest rates, it is impossible to know. “Banks are in business...

Dealer of the Month

Dealer of the Month: A Roller Coaster Ride

Ask anyone in the auto dealership industry about running a successful business, and you’ll be met with similar answers: it is full of its...

Case Study Spotlight

Case Study Spotlight #1

Category: Customer Email Deliverability Vendor: Dealer EFX Dealer: Ken Grody Automotive Group Overview: In business more than 60 years, Ken Grody Automotive Group is a Southern California based...

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