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As Used Car Market Heats Up, CarMax Exceeds Earnings Expectations

Following last week’s report that the U.S. may have already reached “peak car,” or the high point of new car sales – in part...

Advanced Safety Features Add Thousands to Vehicle Repair Bills

When we install burglar alarms in our homes, our home insurance premiums go down. When we take preventive steps to keep in good health, our health insurance premiums can go down. So surely new...

Edmunds Launches Premier Program to Connect Dealers to Motivated Buyers

While all leads are valuable – even the ones who come to the website or the store just to look – it’s the “highly motivated” web surfers and foot traffic that dealers would most...

Dealership Charitable Donations and Return on Investment Are Not Mutually Exclusive

By Bruno Lucarelli Auto dealers are some of the largest retailers in communities across America and, as local businesses, they are expected to participate in community events. While nearly every dealer does, their efforts aren’t...

Some Signs Point to the U.S. Having Reached “Peak Car”

Has the United States reached “peak car”? It was once nearly unthinkable, given the love that Americans have for their vehicles. Many analysts, however, believe that it’s not only possible, but that we’ve already...

Proposed New York Legislation Would Effectively Shut Down Auto Brokers

Some New York auto dealers have had it with auto brokers. They’re blaming brokers for a host of ill-effects on their businesses, including the bankruptcies and closures of several New York–area dealerships. Brokers have...

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DCG News Exclusive: Boost Sales through Better Call Handling

According to Cox Automotive, phone calls account for 26 percent of car buyers’ initial contacts with auto dealerships, second only to walk-ins (at 49 percent), and those calls can be worth a lot of business.


Virtual Showrooms May Be the Answer to Shrinking Profit Margins

A large vehicle showroom is often considered to be a sacred element of the car sales process. It’s the jewel in the center of...

DMS Company Settles with FTC Over Data Breach

Given the nature of the auto sales business, most dealers keep at least some sensitive personal information in their files—names, Social Security numbers, bank...

Emerging Catalog Technologies Can Rev Up Auto Parts Sales

By Al Bredenberg, Senior Writer Thinking about boosting your service and parts business to make up for softer new car sales? Selling original equipment parts...

Cox Dealer Sentiment Index Shows Small Uptick in Market View

The second quarter 2019 Cox Automotive Dealer Sentiment Index (CADSI) released this week contains a mixed bag of information. Despite the slight upturn in the current...

Alliance of Automakers Urges White House to Reach Fuel Standards Compromise

If the White House had imagined that American automakers would be grateful for the Trump administration’s proposal to lower fuel economy standards from Obama-era...

Dealership Grassroots Events in the Digital Age: It’s Not All About ROI, Is It?

This article was originally published by Skip Winter on LinkedIn and is used with permission. After more than 20 years of marketing, branding, and over...

Group 1 Automotive Begins Pilot of Its AcceleRide Online Buying Platform

Vehicle buyers are shopping online more than ever. They’re not only researching makes and models, they’re investigating features, looking at photos, taking virtual “walk...

Hertz Enters the Increasingly Crowded Vehicle Subscription Market

With autonomous driving, car-sharing and vehicle subscriptions, the automotive headline of the year might be something like, “Alternatives to Vehicle Ownership.” Younger Americans, cash-strapped,...


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