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Slowdown in Vehicle Sales Will Affect Some Parts Suppliers More Than Others

As dealers across the U.S. struggle to sell 2019 models to make room for 2020 models, the auto industry is facing the long-predicted slowdown....

Dealer Sales Opportunities Lie in Better Listening

A sales pitch is defined as, “a line of talk that attempts to persuade someone or something, with a planned sales presentation strategy of a product or service designed to initiate and close a...

Older Drivers More Distracted by In-Vehicle Systems

Increasingly, vehicle information systems (IVIS) are showing up as standard equipment in new cars. While the systems allows motorists new functionality related to communications, entertainment and shopping while driving, experts are warning that the...

Systems Integrator Partners with Subaru and DMS Providers to Enable VIN...

With the plethora of information dealers need to keep track of, workers often find themselves having to toggle back and forth across multiple applications. This is time-consuming, often requires redundant data entry and is...

J.D. Power Study Ranks Usability of Automakers’ Websites

How useful are automakers Web sites to car shoppers? The answers vary quite a bit, depending on the company. It’s not an easy evaluation to make. It depends not only on design and navigation,...

Dealer Software Companies Sue Arizona Over Data Privacy Legislation

In the increasingly complex effort to keep consumer data safe, industry interests are beginning to chafe at restrictions piling up by state and federal authorities. While dealerships are being urged to review their data...

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DCG News Exclusive: Boost Sales through Better Call Handling

According to Cox Automotive, phone calls account for 26 percent of car buyers’ initial contacts with auto dealerships, second only to walk-ins (at 49 percent), and those calls can be worth a lot of business.


Stories From The Field: Dealers Versus The Internet

By Bruno Lucarelli In 2004, I was selling’s used car listing service. Even that far into the internet age, most car dealers still likened...

Dealer Software Companies Sue Arizona Over Data Privacy Legislation

In the increasingly complex effort to keep consumer data safe, industry interests are beginning to chafe at restrictions piling up by state and federal...

Software Integration Streamlines Retail Warranty Parts Reimbursement

Managing retail warranty parts reimbursement is a headache for dealer service center. The relationship between manufacturers and dealers has been inharmonious in the past,...

Augmented Reality: Smartglasses Deliver Hands-Free Tech Support to the Service Bay

by Al Bredenberg, Senior Writer Augmented reality (AR) is virtual reality’s lesser known twin. Rather than create a reality from scratch, as virtual reality does,...

GM and Volkswagen to Scrap Hybrids in Favor of EVs

Traditionally, hybrids have been automakers’ answer to consumers who want high levels of fuel efficiency, but not the fear of the unknown ("range anxiety")...

Ford to Test Retail “Smart Labs” in An Unnamed U.S. Shopping Mall

Each year, fewer people are visiting dealerships. The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) has estimated that the total number of new vehicle dealerships in...

Honda Embraces E-Sports Sponsorship to Attract Younger Buyers

While much can be said about the merits of “e-sports,” or competitive video gaming, there’s no denying it’s a growth industry. By one estimate,...

What Local Dealerships Can Learn From The Rise Of Craft Beer Companies

by Amy Corr How many small businesses reside in your town? How many have gone out of business? With the convenience of Amazon Prime and...


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