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Industry Analysis Finds Lease Penetration and CPO Sales on the Rise

By Mia Bevacqua Lease penetration – the percentage of new vehicle leases versus new vehicle sales – is at 29.6% through August, according to a...

Xtime Partners with CenPOS to Speed Service Payment Process

The fate of a dealership’s success or failure depends on its ability to retain customers. To do so, dealers must be making an active effort to engage customers, make their lives easier, and give...

Relief In Sight for GM Dealers as UAW Strike Comes to...

By Mia Bevacqua  It’s been over a month since the United Auto Workers (UAW) went on strike against General Motors. The demonstration has affected OEMs, suppliers and dealers. Thankfully, there may finally be an end... Aims to Help Independent Tire Shops Compete with Dealers

Independent tire dealers have always had their work cut out for them. They sometimes struggle to be visible over dealerships, though this task has gotten easier in the age of the Internet. Soon, they’ll...

Dealertrack Adds Digital Contracting to F&I Software Platform

By Mia Bevacqua  Some dealerships still keep paper deal jackets that are as thick as college textbooks. Dealertrack – a provider of dealership F&I solutions – addresses the issue with its uniFI software suite. The...

OfferUp Quintuples Number of Verified Auto Dealers in One Year

It takes a lot of chutzpah for an online vehicle retailer to try and compete with online giants like eBay, Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, but in recent years, that’s exactly what OfferUp has been...

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DCG News Exclusive: Boost Sales through Better Call Handling

According to Cox Automotive, phone calls account for 26 percent of car buyers’ initial contacts with auto dealerships, second only to walk-ins (at 49 percent), and those calls can be worth a lot of business.


Maximizing Used Car Profit

By Kathryn Pomroy Generally, dealers make more money selling used cars than new. For the ninth consecutive year, 2019 is showing a continued upward trend...

OfferUp Quintuples Number of Verified Auto Dealers in One Year

It takes a lot of chutzpah for an online vehicle retailer to try and compete with online giants like eBay, Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace,...

Low-income Americans Struggle to Afford Decade-Old Used Cars

By Mia Bevacqua In most parts of America, having a car is a necessity rather than a luxury. The problem is, both new and used...

Tax Max and Autotrader Partner to Calculate Customers’ Tax Refunds for Down Payments

Tracey Schelmetic It’s hardly surprising that Americans use their tax refunds for down payments on vehicles. Increasingly, some technology service providers are making it an...

‘Subaru Loves Pets’ Initiative Helps Animals and Wins Over Dog Owners

By Mia Bevacqua Nearly everyone loves dogs and other companion animals. And Subaru is cashing in on that emotion – while also helping our furry...

A Hybrid Way to An Electric Future

By Amy Corr, Featured Writer It’s been more than 20 years since hybrid vehicles hit the marketplace. Like anything new, education was, and remains, key....

How Much Bad or Outdated Information is In Your CRM?

By Tracey E. Schelmetic It happens to everyone once in a while: you receive a piece of commercial mail that’s been forwarded from an address...

Automatic Emergency Braking: Safety Feature or Liability Risk?

By Mia Bevacqua Automatic emergency braking (AEB) is designed to improve vehicle safety. Yet there are mounting complaints that the technology often doesn’t work –...


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